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The Laughter Clinic, combines comedy and laughter with the latest information and research in Suicidology to produce a fun, yet very powerful experience that helps participants find ways to increase their daily exposure to humour and laughter.

Welcome to The Laughter Clinic our flagship product/service of Comedy Unlimited. As our by-line “Exploring the Power of Laughter” suggests, The Laughter Clinic is all about finding ways of ‘activating’ the power of laughter, in order to help minimise the symptoms of stress, depression, and suicidality.

The more I learn about the complexities of suicide, and the multifaceted problems associated with suicide prevention, the more I believe in our innovative approach to a problem that has unfortunately reached epidemic proportions.

Globally, the suicide rate in 2012 was estimated at 804,000 people per year, even more staggering, is that for every one of these people who tragically end their own life, there are approximately 20-23 people who make a non-fatal attempt. That being the case, an estimated 16 million people a year globally attempt suicide. In Australia, where I live, the 2014 suicide data presented by the Australian Bureau of Statistics recently stated that in 2014 there were 2,864 deaths by suicide, which would put our attempted suicide rate at well over 50,000 people per year if these current estimates are correct.

In suicide prevention we talk about the 3 tiers of prevention, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Our focus at The Laughter Clinic, is on Primary Prevention. That is, basically facilitating, or increasing the psychological, emotional, and sociological well-being of the population, while at the same time reducing their exposure to the known risk factors of suicidality. There’s a lot more to it than that obviously, however that’s the very basic gist of Primary Prevention, increase exposure to the good stuff, while decreasing the bad stuff. Facebook Fan Slide

The Laughter Clinic can play a significant role at the Primary Prevention level.

The Keynote Presentation

45 – 60 minute highly interactive presentation aimed at minimising symptoms of stress and depression using humour & laughter, improving connectedness and overall mental health.

The Workshops

4 x 45 mins Workshops These include practical tools for participants to use in their personal and professional lives which are aimed at helping increase mental wellness and productivity.


One on one consultation with Mark McConville to help facilitate increased exposure to humour and laughter, for personal & professional benefits of private clients, and or organizations.


We conduct research into the effects of humour and laughter in regards to minimising the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, therefore quantifying their protective value against suicidality.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about The Laughter Clinic, and our services. We look forward to your feedback, and hopefully your company, as we take action against all that is not funny in the world, by decreasing the bad stuff, while increasing the good stuff.

Have a great day everyone, and ‘Remember to Laugh’
Mark McConville GCertSuicidePrevSt

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The Laughter Clinic

Just warming up….

Hey everyone, Mark McConville here.

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your continued support of both Comedy Unlimited and Living with Laughter this year. For me personally, this year has been quite challenging with the undertaking of university studies for the first time in my life and having to at the same time, deal with some family issues that have been quite time consuming. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Jennifer Burke for her continued work in helping supply social media content for our Facebook pages while I’ve been focusing on my studies and looking after mum. I urge anyone who is looking for a social media support person to get in touch with Jen, if you would like her contact details message me here and I’ll pass them on.

Now that I have finished my first year of Uni, the wait begins to see how I fared in the marks department. Passing this year’s course will mean that I can graduate in Dec with a Graduate Certificate in Suicide Prevention Studies. Should I pass with a high enough grade I will qualify to continue on next year with the Masters of Suicidology program. This would mean a further two years of study and would allow me the opportunity to undertake research into how comedy and laughter could be used to actively help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and suicide ideation. Conducting research in this area is all part of the bigger picture to help us work towards our goal of formally linking the comedy industry to that of mental health. Let’s not forget our vision of ‘Bulk Billed Laughter”. Wouldn’t you love to be able to take your receipt from purchasing a comedy club ticket or comedy dvd to Medicare and get a percentage rebate of the purchase price? Maybe, just maybe, achieving this might just reduce the real figure that I believe we need to be focusing on, that of the 65,000 Australians that attempt suicide each year.

So once again, thank you for your ongoing support of everything that we are working towards, and if there is anything that we can do to help you, please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

A very quick reminder of our key services:
  • The Laughter Clinic Keynote Presentations
  • The Laughter Clinic Workshops
  • Comedians and MC’s for Corporate Events
  • Children’s School and Day Care Shows
  • Comedy Writing and Consulting.

With the craziness of what is happening in the world at the moment, I sincerely hope that everyone is healthy, happy, and finding a way to bring laughter into your life, and into the lives of those around you.

If however, you’re finding it hard to find anything to laugh at, I firmly believe that we can help you with that.

All the very best,

Mark McConville

A successful day all round.

Yesterday was a very proud day for us here at Comedy Unlimited and Living with Laughter.
My presentation at the World Suicide Prevention Day Forum was incredibly well recieved. I’m so grateful to my new friends at the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention for the opportunity to talk in such a forum about laughter and it’s role in mental health. I’m really excited and encouraged as to where this road is taking me. AND THEN..

We had an amazingly successful night at our Sharing of Laughter Day Free Event at The Sit Down Comedy Club. Packed house, great show, and we managed to raise a total of $ 711.60 that will be donated to Soldier On, helping to support the mental health of our returned service men and women.

It’s a team effort though, and I’d like to acknowledge the following people for helping make yesterday and last night possible. Comedians Michael Bennett, Anne Howe, Marty Lappan, Aaron Pratt,and Damien Power.Fedele from The Sit Down Comedy Club My Fundraising team Belinda Rygier and Renee..(outstanding work girls) The Parkwood International Golf Club, Jenni Burke for radio airtime. 612 ABC Brisbane for radio airtime, Griffith University’s Health Faculty Media Department, Jacinta and Wendy from The Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention.

Thanks everyone for the ongoing support and encouragement. We do really appreciate it.

All the very best, and remember to ask yourself these 3 very important questions.

What makes me laugh?

How can I bring more laughter into my life?
How can I bring more laughter into the lives of those around me.

Mark McConville

World Suicide Prevention Day Forum

WSPD 15I have been invited by The Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention to be a guest speaker at this years World Suicide Prevention Day Forum being held in Brisbane on the 10th of Sept.

This is a huge honour for me as I will be amongst some of Australia’s leading people in the field of suicide prevention and research.

I will be talking about the role humour and laughter has to play in regards to reducing the impact of stress and depression which hopefully leads to a reduction in suicide ideation of the sufferer.

For more info on the forum please follow this link:


If you are interested in attending the forum, here is the link for booking details:


Thank you,

Mark McConville


2015 Sharing of Laughter Day Event

Once again we have partnered up with The Sit Down Comedy Club in Brisbane to put on our second annual Sharing of Laughter Day FREE EVENT. Below is the poster and I’d like to thank Mike Bennett, Anne Howe, Marty Lappan and Aaron Pratt for all putting their hand up to perform for us.

Also, we wouldn’t be able to put this event on if it wasn’t for the ongoing support of Fedele Crisci from the Sit Down Comedy Club Brisbane.

The Link to the event booking pages is HERE

To learn more about our Sharing of Laughter Day initiative CLICK HERE.

SOLD 15.

Australian Institute For Suicide Research and Prevention Meeting

Professor De Leo
Recently it was an absolute honour and a privilege for both myself and Clarence Tan, to sit down with a global expert in suicide research, Professor Diego De Leo; the Director of the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention, as well as The Life Promotion Clinic.

We both learnt so much about the global perspectives on the studies behind why people choose to end their lives, for e.g., did you know that in many indigenous cultures, including ours, they didn’t have a concept of suicide until alcohol was introduced?!

Worldwide, the suicide rate has declined by around 9% over the past ten years but in the USA the rate has increased by about 30% in the past 20 years! Do we really want to follow in their footsteps?

Future meetings will be going ahead in the New Year to discuss how we can better understand, and tackle this issue once and for all.

Mark McConville


Jennifer Burke joins the team.


Hey guys,Silicon Lakes Comedy Unlimited

Jen here! Thanks to the help of the not-for profit organisation known as Silicon Lakes at Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast, I’m excited to officially be part of the Comedy Unlimited Living with Laughter team!

Over the next few months I’ll be helping out mostly with the social media aspect of the business, trying to get the word out about what we’re doing so that “Living with Laughter” can actually become a reality for the unfortunate number of Australians affected by mental health issues, depression, and suicide every year.

Lots of research towards realising this goal will also be on the agenda, as well as all the other ins and outs that come with building a business which has the potential to play an integral role in making all of our communities, towns, and cities a better place to be.

I look forward to putting my all into this and doing something which not only has the ability to put a smile on the dial of others, but will no doubt produce a grin from ear to ear on my own face for a very long time to come.

Sunday Mail News Article 7th Sept 14

Mark McConville


VERY COOL !!! Sharing of Laughter Day

Living With Laughter’s first ever FREE EVENT for Sharing of Laughter Day on the 10th of Sept.

A huge Thank You to the following people in helping make this happen.
Katrina Davidson
Fiona Mcgary,
Cameron Duggan
Matt Cathcart
Jenni Burke
Jordan Schulte
And from The Sit Down Comedy Club, Fedele Crisci, Kate Rudge, and Beck Shandeliar and everyone who has helped in sharing this and getting the word out there. The support has been amazing, thank you all so much !!

For Bookings for this FREE EVENT in Brisbane CLICK HERE
Mark McConville
Founder & Creative Director
Living With Laughter

Liviging With Laughter


Sharing Of Laughter Day

Living With Laughter Presents: Sharing Of Laughter Day

3rd year running, let’s make this a big one my friends.
45 days to go until our 3rd annual Sharing of Laughter Day.
The 10th of Sept, coinciding with World Suicide Prevention Day. [Read more…]