CHILDREN’S SERVICES: Comedy based Fun and Educational Workshops for Schools, Day Care Centres and Youth Groups.


Developed by Michael Bennett and Donna-Leigh Perfect the “Dream Guard’ show in an amazing experience that will have your children entertained and empowered to “BELIEVE” that anything is possible.

Check out a sample of their high energy empowering how here.

They’ve also incorporated excellent anti-bullying messages into this fun filled children’s show.

At COMEDY UNLIMITED™ we educate children about Comedy and Laughter
and the importance of ‘Believing in their Dreams’, as this can be highly beneficial to their future development.

Aimed at helping children understand the roles of Comedy and Laughter in our
societies, these workshops will encourage self-expression, motivation, and
anti-bullying MIKE CONFIDENCEstrategies to help them cope with an ever changing world.

This will in turn help build self-esteem and increase positive communications between children and their peers with significant flow-on benefits, to society.



Is an innovative learning opportunity for your students or youth group; a unique educational program that uses comedy to encourage students to develop courage, confidence, the ability to connect with others and
strengthen relationships, creative thinking, and communication skills.

Your students will face one of life’s greatest fears – speaking in public, whilst improving reading and writing skills and becoming confident public speakers.

The program also gives students the essential communication tools they need to combat bullying.

SUABC was developed by Australia’s Got Talent finalists Chris and Justin Nelson. Chris and Justin are also qualified Secondary School teachers, having completed their teaching degrees at La Trobe and RMIT Universities respectively.