A Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams Although we never met, you’ve been an inspiration and a comedy mentor since way before I ever considered becoming a comedian or an actor. Studying your life over the years and learning of the battles you’d fought privately away from the camera and public eye just made me love and respect you even more.

You had it all, a talent very rarely seen in this world and you shared so much of yourself with us; the world mourns your passing. I’m so sad… words can’t describe it. You’ve left an awe inspiring catalogue of work spanning decades and for that we are incredibly grateful.

Every single time you were interviewed it was an event not to be missed and we never quite knew what you were going to do. One thing was for sure though, it was going to be entertaining, and of course, it was going to be funny. As an actor you amazed us with incredible characters that you made your own in a manner so unique to you. Such a natural talent, and loved by so many.

As a comedian I often get asked who my favourite comedians are, and you Robin were always in my top three of all time. The amount of laughter you have brought into my life over the years is incredible, and I take comfort in the fact that you’ll still make me laugh for years to come. How can the world could possibly thank you for what you gave us, I’ll never know.

Your gift of laughter will be your legacy.

A man who overcame so much to earn the adoration and respect of millions, a man who could want for nothing in this world… or so we thought. If what they say is true and this was of your own doing, that breaks my heart even more. To know that you could be in such pain is so very sad. With the amount of joy you brought to this world, you of all people were truly deserving of your own happiness. My heart goes out to your family and your inner circle of friends.

We will watch your movies again and again, we will laugh at your stand up routines again and again, and when the laughing dies down, we will miss you. You will continue to take pride of place on the wall in my office as one of my comedy heroes.

Thank you Robin, for what you gave to this world and for what you gave to me.

Rest In Peace my dear friend, Rest In Peace now.

Mark McConville
CEO & Creative Director
Comedy Unlimited

One of my favourite Robin Williams Stand Up Clips for you to enjoy.


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