Scott Kovacevic

Scoty KThe Swiss Army Knife of Comedy Unlimited, Scott Kovacevic works behind the scenes to help any way that he can.

While his official role is as Content and Feature Writer at Comedy Unlimited, he also moonlights as copywriter, proofreader, sounding board, voice of reason, developer of half-baked ideas, and undertaker of Heroic Quests to Forbidden Lands. Or ‘Researcher’, if you prefer.

Currently studying his Master of the Arts Degree in Journalism and Communication at Griffith University, Scott also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre, and earned a First Class Honours Degree researching comedy performance. He is a member of Soapbox Theatre Productions on the Gold Coast as both an actor and technician, and is currently the resident Tech Manager/Designer at the University Theatre. He also freelances as a technician on independent shows at locations such as the Gold Coast Arts centre, and has performed for several years as an entertainer at Dreamworld.

As a lifelong Arts practitioner and student, he understands the Government has no use for his services and aims to keep as far away from them as possible.