To raise awareness of how creating a comedy culture within business can increase sales, strengthen customer relation, drive quality and have an overall positive impact on society.

To improve leadership and maximise productivity, workplace relations, and build stronger human resource capital by increasing the well-being of employees.

To help front line emergency services personnel cope with their daily exposure to trauma by means of delivering specifically designed programs that are focused on humour, comedy and laughter.

To create a better social awareness among children by educating them about the importance of comedy and laughter, resulting in a more refined and enhanced youth culture.

To overtly contribute to a happier society by means of producing and distributing affordable, easily accessible live and online comedy based entertainment.

To openly help build a healthier society by means of our self-funded charity organisation which is aimed at supporting the sick, soothing the stressed and bolstering the blue.


Mark McConville and the Comedy Unlimited Team