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TLC_Logo_Final_versions-04The Laughter Clinic, combines comedy and laughter with the latest information and research in Suicidology to produce a fun, yet very powerful experience that helps participants find ways to increase their daily exposure to humour and laughter.

Welcome to The Laughter Clinic, our flagship product/service of Comedy Unlimited. As our by-line “Exploring the Power of Laughter” suggests, The Laughter Clinic is all about finding ways of ‘activating’ the power of laughter, in order to help minimise the symptoms of stress, depression, and suicidality.

The more I learn about the complexities of suicide, and the multifaceted problems associated with suicide prevention, the more I believe in our innovative approach to a problem that has unfortunately reached epidemic proportions.

Globally, the suicide rate in 2012 was estimated at 804,000 people per year, even more staggering, is that for every one of these people who tragically end their own life, there are approximately 20-23 people who make a non-fatal attempt. That being the case, an estimated 16 million people a year globally attempt suicide. In Australia, where I live, the 2014 suicide data presented by the Australian Bureau of Statistics recently stated that in 2014 there were 2,864 deaths by suicide, which would put our attempted suicide rate at well over 50,000 people per year if these current estimates are correct.

In suicide prevention we talk about the 3 tiers of prevention, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Our focus at The Laughter Clinic, is on Primary Prevention. That is, basically facilitating, or increasing the psychological, emotional, and sociological well-being of the population, while at the same time reducing their exposure to the known risk factors of suicidality. There’s a lot more to it than that obviously, however that’s the very basic gist of Primary Prevention, increase exposure to the good stuff, while decreasing the bad stuff. Facebook Fan Slide

The Laughter Clinic can play a significant role at the Primary Prevention level.

The Keynote Presentation

45 – 60 minute highly interactive presentation aimed at minimising symptoms of stress and depression using humour & laughter, improving connectedness and overall mental health.

The Workshops

4 x 45 mins Workshops These include practical tools for participants to use in their personal and professional lives which are aimed at helping increase mental wellness and productivity.


One on one consultation with Mark McConville to help facilitate increased exposure to humour and laughter, for personal & professional benefits of private clients, and or organizations.


We conduct research into the effects of humour and laughter in regards to minimising the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, therefore quantifying their protective value against suicidality.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about The Laughter Clinic, and our services. We look forward to your feedback, and hopefully your company, as we take action against all that is not funny in the world, by decreasing the bad stuff, while increasing the good stuff.

Have a great day everyone, and ‘Remember to Laugh’
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